FSM In Recovery…

One of my favorite ways to use Frequency Specific Microcurrent is in recovery modules. Now recovery means different things to different people. In the sports therapy world, we tend to think of recovery as what is being done when the athlete is not training, or playing. So in those terms, recovery can essentially encompass 22  hours of the day.

What a patient or athlete does, when they are not being active in their sport or activity, is just as important as the work they do training. As a therapist, my job is to do the very best treatment I can when I have someone on my table; and to give the best possible advice, within my scope, when you are off my table. Advice and recommendations that will support and enhance and speed up rehabilitation to get a patient back to being their best.

If I can keep someone’s inflammation at bay (which can mean pain levels stay down) and I can get someone to sleep better (which can also mean more repair at night), its a win win for both me and the patient. We need sleep to repair and recover, but if pain is interrupting sleep, nothing good (and no repair) can occur.

Patients at our clinic not only receive FSM while on the table for manual therapy, they utilize it with stretch therapy sessions, corrective exercise and most importantly, they take devices home with them to give them the best possible chance of recovering fast from their injury.

We, as therapists and practitioners, must remember that our treatments can cause extreme amounts of trauma and inflammation too! Just think of anytime you were bruised or felt sore after deep tissue work. The most skilled hands can still cause this cascade of reaction post-treatment. Frequency Specific Microcurrent stops this process in its tracks and aids in fast tracking the repair, and deep wonderful sleep a patient needs.

greyscale photo of person s foot

Photo by Osvaldo Castillo on Pexels.com





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