SFO Registration Open and Loaded with Specials!

It only seemed fitting that we open registration to one of the best cities in the world with a ton of discounted options! The Sports Course is locked in for December 16-17, 2019 and will be held at the beautiful and newly renovated Marriot conveniently located by the airport. With free shuttles to and from the airport, tons of parking, amazing food and a gorgeous view of the bay and iconic runway, this location cannot be beat.

Students, “Repeat Offenders”, Early Birds and SFO Core Registrants can all take advantage of the specials we are offering right now. You really do not want to miss this course!

Remember… You don’t have to treat professional athletes, or any athletes to benefit from the Sports Course!

In 2 jam-packed days, we explore the world of RRP: Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Performance Enhancement.

In Rehab, we assess and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions with FSM and go over hacks to make your applications smoother and more efficient.

Recovery is all about giving your patients tools to keep the gains you’ve made clinically.

Performance Enhancement further promotes clinical gains and touches on the oh so cool world of neuro-patterning.

Again, not just for athletes! If you have ever increased someone’s ROM, you need to learn this new way using FSM…..

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