Preregistration is now open for San Francisco

Calling all physical medicine providers!

The FSM Sports Course is now open for preregistration for the December 16-17, 2019 course in super San Francisco.

Whether you are a seasoned FSM practitioner, or have never taken any micro-current or FSM training, we welcome you to this innovative course.

FSM Sports revolves around 3 principles:

  1. Rehabilitation: Your patient’s imbalances must be identified and treated first! Learn how to assess and treat muscle imbalances using Frequency Specific Microcurrent based on proven osteopathic principles.
  2.  Recover: Healing cannot be supported or expected if recovery is not addressed. In this section we cover how to support your patient’s progress with sleep, stress management,  dietary concerns, and more.
  3. Performance Enhancement: Everyone’s favorite section because this is where the magic happens. Now that you have a  symmetrical and supported patient, learn how to take their progress to the next level. Whether you are working with professional athletes who strive to be faster, and stronger, or a patient who has been afflicted with a chronic disability and now is the time to close the case; everyone can benefit from this component of neuro-repatterning.

Once your preregistration is received and verified, you will be invited to register for the course. Please note, we cap a very small group to ensure the quality of the instruction as the hands on modules are very important!

We look forward to seeing YOU in San Francisco in December!